What are the advantages of crypto casinos?

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Crypto casinos are platforms built on blockchain technology, they are growing and will continue to grow for four very simple reasons which are: anonymity, security, higher game limits and instant transactions. These are the main advantages of playing with crypto in online casinos. Another important advantage is to receive very generous welcome bonuses.


The world has gone digital and online casinos have grown significantly over the past decade. This is especially true during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. With people stuck at home or sadly out of work, online casinos have become a source of entertainment. It is definitely a source of excitement, fun, action, and even an opportunity to win money.

There are many cryptocurrencies available on the market today, but to make a long story short, we will use the term bitcoin casino to refer to any online casino that offers crypto transactions to its players.

There are many advantages to using cryptocurrencies for online casino games. In this article, we will look at the four main reasons why bitcoin casinos are growing in popularity. Cryptos are on everyone’s lips, and many people have first decided to buy them for fun, as a type of investment and then they have also shown interest in trying to use them in online casinos that accept these cryptocurrencies. Let’s see what these reasons are.


No one likes it when the bank checks personal transactions. This is a very unpleasant thing because the money is ours and we decide to spend it as we wish, right? Online gaming transactions can even be blocked by the banking institution and as everyone who has experienced that we can say it is very frustrating.

Bitcoin casinos bypass banks and the problem is solved! There is no need for bank approval to play in an online casino. Also, there is no KYC process in place such as sending your ID or bills to prove your residential address. In fact, most crypto casinos have minimum verification requirements. You only need to prove that the crypto wallet you use is actually yours.


Online banking is generally considered safe, but we all know that it is not 100 percent secure. In the event of a breach, the consequences can be very serious. The possibility of a hack when using cryptos is very tiny, and this is one of the reasons why you should think about using your cryptos when playing in an online casino. Crypto transactions are protected from outside interference, thus it is impossible for anyone (without direct access to your crypto wallet) to steal your funds. Hackers can only steal your virtual coins when you are a victim of fishing. This means when you are tricked and unintentionally share access to your wallet.

Don’t worry though, you will learn how to avoid this problem in no time, you just need to do some transactions to gain confidence. It can be a little scary the first time, we know, but if you have been playing online casino games you must try playing in bitcoin casinos. It is absolutely worth it.

Higher betting limits

Due to financial regulations, almost all licensed online casinos limit wagering on gaming tables. Usually, in the terms and conditions, you can access all this information. Well, the good news is that in crypto casinos such rules do not apply because these do not cover bitcoin transactions. You are really free to play as much as you want in bitcoin casinos, depending on the size of the casino operations of course. Playing without restrictions is definitely one of the main reasons why VIP players decide to play at crypto casinos. If you love to play heavily, there is no better place than a bitcoin casino.

Instant Transactions

Winners in online casinos know how inconvenient it is to wait to have winnings credited. If you are one of them too, no matter how well known you are, what your VIP level is, and how many times you have cashed out before, there is always some anxiety when waiting for winnings to be paid. The good news is that every bitcoin casino offers nearly instant transactions. Compared to credit cards, bank transfers, and checks, crypto transactions are the fastest available and can be done in a minute or two instead of taking several business days or even weeks.

The main reason is that crypto transactions are decentralized, which means there is no government body to approve or disapprove your transfers. Bitcoin casinos are simply a much better choice than regulated online casinos especially if you simply want fast withdrawals.

In conclusion, if you have never used bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, and other virtual currencies to top-up your online casino account, you should definitely try. Take full advantage of all the benefits we have discussed in this article: anonymity, security, higher wagering limits, and instant transactions. Are you ready? Then read our reviews of the best crypto casinos, select the brand with the characteristics and the offer that suits you best, register and make a deposit today! We wish you the best of luck!

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