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The Curaçao eGaming Authority (CGA) is one of the best-known online gambling licensing authorities. Many online casino operators hold one to gain access to various European and non-European markets to prove that they follow certain safety measures necessary to conduct business. Casinos with Curaçao’s gambling license have demonstrated that they meet essential standards to offer their service to the public. However, these standards are not as high as those in Europe. On this page, you can read what the license entails and the authority behind it and find the best crypto casinos that we at CryptoCasinoGuru select and review for you.


How to find the best Curaçao licensed crypto casinos

As you know we are very blunt and honest and go straight down, unfortunately, some operators can be unscrupulous and treat their customers badly. Curaçao’s license is not as strict as those in European countries, and this could lead to a lowering of quality standards. We are committed to selecting only deserving remote online gambling operators.

We scrupulously examine every Curaçao licensed crypto casino based on blockchain technology, and besides a detailed review, you can find important info about games and promotions. To find the best sites simply browse our pages. We are very strict and do not give space to everyone, only the most serious, safe, and reliable operators will be presented to you. In other words, we will recommend on these pages only those who will give you the best chance to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

The Curaçao Gaming Authority

The Curaçao eGaming Authority is one of the longest-running such institutions in the world and has been providing licenses to gaming providers since 1996. It enjoys an excellent international reputation and its purpose is to regulate the conduct of operators under its jurisdiction, ensuring that they meet certain standards set out in the license.

Curaçao is a non-European country subject to the Netherlands. This little paradise enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide, reports to the Dutch government, and thanks to European regulations governing this type of licensing, it also allows users to register and play.

Curaçao is a safe and stable nation, an associate of several treaties and international organizations that combat money laundering and terrorism, such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). English is widely spoken here and the process of applying for a license is fairly quick and inexpensive.

The Curaçao eGaming Authority was the first in the world to recognize the need for remote gambling legislation. This is one reason it now has hundreds of companies worldwide under its purview. Another key attraction of operating in Curaçao is zero tax on corporate profits. This is the dream of every company, not just start-ups. This helps keep down costs that would be much higher in their home countries.

The Curaçao eGaming Authority is forward-looking and innovative. It has embraced crypto from the very beginning. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum became permissible payment methods for operators immediately and this is good news for players who like to play in crypto casinos.

Disadvantages of Curaçao’s license

Despite its obvious advantages, Curaçao’s license is not as highly regarded as European licenses such as those of Italy, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission. These jurisdictions demand much higher standards from their applicants and are more expensive to obtain.

Curaçao’s eGaming license and its characteristics

There are two types of gaming licenses in Curaçao: the main license and the sublicense. The main license allows the holder to grant other providers a sublicense and, for this reason, the Authority has approved only very few since 1996. The Curaçao sublicense is the most common one. Operators almost always request this solution because it is like a complete package. Applicants obtain a single license that covers all forms of online gaming, including casinos, sports betting, and lotteries.

To obtain a sublicense, the applicant must provide the following:

  • Identification documents of the owners, so there is KYC for them as well
  • A letter of reference to verify eligibility, usually a lawyer steps in
  • Verification of ownership and agreements on software to manage the platform
  • Statement with a commitment to use a random number generator, essential for fair gaming

Each holder must also pass fraud tests conducted by the Curaçao authority. If successful, they are allowed to display the jurisdiction’s blue “valid” logo. Companies under investigation, on the other hand, will have the “attention valid” logo, a blue logo with an exclamation point.

Having obtained a license, the company must adhere to quality standards in order to maintain it. These include responsible gambling guidelines, anti-money laundering, and anti-terrorism measures.

Filing a complaint through the Curaçao Gaming Authority

In case you feel you are being treated unfairly, an essential component of safety on online betting sites is a robust complaints procedure that allows the player to seek action. If this happens to you, you should tell the casino directly that you are not satisfied with the service and that the casino should try to resolve your problem. If this does not work, you can go directly to the CGA website and fill out the complaint form with as much info as you can.

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