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Are you looking for advice on choosing your Ethereum casino? We’ve been there before. Our team has been betting with crypto since the first crypto casinos were born. We have followed the developments of the various cryptos in an attempt to identify the best offers for players, as well as the sites that represent the best options for new players. Our guides are updated daily to ensure that you never miss a bonus.

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The Ethereum Casino Guide

Ethereum casinos were born when this virtual currency, and in particular Ether ETH, began to gain momentum. The term Ethereum casino refers to the use of the currency in a casino that allows for gaming. Essentially, these casinos are like other online casinos, but here you can deposit, play and withdraw with Ethereum. The games that can be found in these casinos are exactly the ones we are used to finding in online casinos such as slots, table games, live casino games, and sports betting.

In a rapidly growing industry like online gaming, where new casinos are launched every day, staying up-to-date is a challenge, and we invest a lot of time and money in evaluating the best Ethereum casinos and updating our rankings daily. By doing so, we make it easier for you to choose. Keep reading to learn more about this crypto and how to play with Ethereum in the best online casinos we review.

What is Ethereum and how does it work?

The Ethereum network technology was built by its community, with co-founder Vitalik Buterin as its main figure. Ether (ETH) is a crypto that was born in 2015 on the Ethereum platform. The coin has been very successful since the day of its launch. Initially, 72 million ether were available for mining, today that number is over 122 million. 20 million new ether can be mined every year and the difference with other cryptos is that ether has no limit on the number of coins in circulation. We have already written a very interesting and more in-depth article on the topic, so if you want to delve deeper into the subject, we recommend you read it.

Ethereum is decentralized and can therefore be transferred between people without the use of a bank. Transactions are anonymous, executed directly between two people, and are also much faster than traditional bank payment methods. Ethereum is stored using crypto wallets or special hardware devices, making it even more anonymous.

Ethereum in the best online casinos

Anonymity, security, transaction speed, and unlimited play are the main reasons why players choose to use Ethereum in online casinos. Most of the best crypto casinos require only an email address and password for registration. Deposits and withdrawals are then very fast, taking only a few minutes to execute.

The best online casino sites have introduced Ethereum as a payment method since this virtual currency became popular. Subsequently, crypto casinos began to offer exclusive games for the use of Ethereum. These games also offer many advantages to players, such as a more favorable return-to-player (RTP) value that facilitates wins on both slots and table games.

According to players who use Ethereum to play online, however, the strengths of Ethereum casinos are mainly anonymity, transaction speed for deposits and withdrawals, deposit and withdrawal limits that allow them to play as they please, even heavily if they wish, and finally, the security that characterizes this currency.

Purchasing and holding Ethereum

It is possible to buy, sell or trade Ethereum in many ways. The Ethereum market volume is currently about half that of Bitcoin. This means that Ethereum is the second crypto in circulation and has a wide margin for growth. This aspect is very advantageous when it comes to buying and trading Ethereum, as thanks to its size and popularity, it can be found in all crypto exchanges, none excluded.

Buying Ethereum is easy like buying BTC, USDT or LTC. This cryptocurrency can be purchased in various ways. You can buy the currency directly from the official website, through a cryptocurrency exchange such as Axi,, or Binance for example, or you can buy it directly from another owner of the currency by paying in the required way. The crypto is securely stored on the exchange platform accessible via mobile app or computer and can be transferred to digital wallet applications that allow for purchases and various payments. Bank transfers and credit cards can be used to buy Ethereum.

One possible downside for those who want to remain anonymous is that when using a cryptocurrency exchange, the account registration process often requires undergoing a KYC (know your customer) procedure. This means that you need to confirm your identity, eliminating the very interesting aspect of anonymity in crypto management. The KYC procedure is carried out to counter money laundering, fraud, and other illegal activities.

However, for those who want to remain anonymous, there are options for buying and holding Ethereum offline. Typically, a hardware device specially designed for the custody of cryptocurrencies is used. This USB device is equipped with a display and protected by a pin code.

Once you receive your Ethereum, you can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, use them for payments, hold them as an investment, or as an alternative to the euro. In cryptocurrency exchanges, it is also possible to exchange Ethereum for euros and request payment to your bank account.

Transaction limits and fees in Ethereum casinos

One of the reasons that have seen a surge in the use of cryptocurrencies in the best online casinos is the better usability that virtual currencies have compared to traditional currencies such as the euro. All online casinos have minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits.

When using fiat currencies such as the euro, many casinos allow a minimum deposit of 20 euros and a maximum of around 5000 euros per transfer. Using Ethereum, on the other hand, the minimum deposit limit is usually lower than 20 euros while often there is no maximum limit for deposit and withdrawal! This is a significant difference and represents a strength for those who want to play heavily. In other words, it is much more convenient to play with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Having nonexistent or almost nonexistent fees is another strength of Ethereum. Crypto transactions are never really free, but in Ethereum casinos, fees are really very low when making deposits and withdrawals. If we compare transaction fees in euros, they could even reach 10% when depositing with a credit card or by bank transfer. Since Ethereum fees are usually almost zero in comparison, this represents a great advantage for playing at online casinos with ETH.

When making transactions with Ethereum, you can choose the fee to pay. The user has the choice in hand. If they want to speed up the transaction, they can decide to spend a little more, but generally it is not necessary, as even transactions with the lowest fees are very fast when paying with Ethereum.

Comparison between Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

The comparison between Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is very interesting. We have already discussed the differences that characterize cryptocurrencies in another article that we suggest you read. Ethereum is not the name of the cryptocurrency, but of the entire network on which the currency Ether (ETH) can be bought, sold, or simply exchanged with others. Numerous cryptocurrencies have been created exclusively to be digital currency, while the Ethereum network offers additional services and opportunities and for this reason, many people think that Ethereum could soon overthrow Bitcoin becoming the largest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was created with the purpose of being a digital currency. Ethereum, on the other hand, is a network with many additional uses such as smart contracts. On this platform, developers can create applications that can be used to exchange, sell, or lend Ether. The advantages of this solution are mainly those of not having to resort to a traditional banking institution. Another improvement aspect of this service is the speed at which transactions are made, and lower fees that are applied. In practice, the need to use a third party would be eliminated because the figure is no longer necessary. Another use of the Ethereum network is its use for the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that have been talked about a lot lately. These are digital tokens that indicate ownership of a unique digital object that can be produced on the Ethereum platform.

Pros and cons of Ethereum


  • Reputation of Ethereum creators such as the esteem enjoyed by one of the founders Vitalik Buterin. Thanks to this reputation, many are convinced that Ethereum could become the largest cryptocurrency ever.
  • Less volatile compared to other small cryptocurrencies. In the short period in which coins have been made available to the masses, we have found that coins with a higher market capitalization are less prone to fluctuations.
  • Ethereum is a decentralized currency with blockchain technology at its core, and this means that it is not necessary to resort to banks or third parties to use it, avoiding regulations, high transaction fees, or cancellation of transactions.
  • Since Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency, but a real network, it can be used for multiple purposes compared to other currencies. This allows developers to create applications, NFTs, smart contracts that use the Ether (ETH) currency, and even in this case, the need to resort to banks or third-party sources is completely avoided.
  • Ethereum is constantly evolving, and Vitalik has stated that the community is working on Ethereum 2.0. The goal is to manage one million transactions per second, increase network security, and reduce energy consumption. This last aspect helps Ethereum to become the best cryptocurrency ever.


  • Volatility is a well-known issue for cryptocurrencies. Although Ethereum is more stable than other smaller currencies, it still undergoes strong fluctuations.
  • Fees are another characteristic that is not well-liked by cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, due to the increase in transactions, fees have skyrocketed, and often, to obtain precedence, it is necessary to pay higher fees. For Ethereum, however, we can say that compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, fees are still lower.
  • Potential regulations coming for cryptocurrencies. Since their launch, cryptocurrencies have been difficult to regulate. However, it is feared that this may change in the future as governments are beginning to discuss the issue. We think that this could affect the markets causing significant currency value fluctuations.

What to do to start playing at the best Ethereum casino sites

Well, you have read our complete guide to the best Ethereum casino sites (2022) and are eager to start playing and trying your luck at one of the online gaming sites where Ethereum is accepted as a payment method, but you are still unsure which one is right for you. Don’t worry, at CryptoCasinoGuru we have analyzed all the details that we consider important and have reviewed the best crypto casino sites in circulation that accept Ethereum as a payment method. You can find them in our rankings and read the reviews we have written for you.

So, before visiting any of the casinos listed on our pages, make sure you have Ether (ETH) in your wallet. If you need to buy crypto, you can also visit our pages dedicated to Crypto Exchanges, where you can read our reviews of the best sites in circulation. If you also need a digital wallet, you can download one of the many offered by the exchanges we review. Ethereum is the second most popular crypto and we are confident that you can keep it safe anywhere. So, once you have purchased Ethereum and transferred it to your digital wallet, choose the casino that best suits your needs, register and make a deposit. Deposits with Ethereum are usually processed within a few minutes at most. As soon as the transaction is completed, you can start playing right away. With a bit of luck, when you’re finished playing, you can withdraw your winnings just as quickly to your wallet. We wish you good luck!


How long does it take to deposit with Ethereum?

Transactions with Ethereum are usually processed within a couple of minutes.

Do Ethereum casinos have restrictions?

In the past, Ethereum casinos were able to bypass most national restrictions, but as the concept of cryptocurrency is becoming more popular, even cryptocurrency casinos have some geographic restrictions. Fortunately, these restrictions are still much softer than those of traditional online casinos.

Is it legal to play at Ethereum casinos?

Yes, if the casinos have a valid license, such as the one from Curacao, which is subject to the Dutch government and therefore compliant with EU regulations, it is perfectly legal for European players to play.

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