Spanish airline Vueling accepts payments in bitcoin


Vueling has partnered with BitPay, a Bitcoin payment provider, to enable the new payment method on its website.


The airline will also partner with UATP, a payment provider specializing in Travel.

According to a press release, Vueling, a Spanish airline belonging to the International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), has partnered with one of the largest bitcoin payment infrastructure providers, BitPay, to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Early statements from Vueling managers

Jesús Monzó, one of the most relevant profiles among the company’s strategic managers, said “With this agreement, Vueling once again reaffirms its position as a digital airline, we are very pleased to have found in BitPay the best partner to offer our customers the possibility of making crypto transactions with maximum security and reliability.”

The Spanish airline will also work with Universal Air Travel Plan Incorporated (UATP), a payment provider specializing in the field to build the infrastructure needed to accept crypto.

By partnering with BitPay and UATP, the airline will become the first low-cost airline in Europe to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Initially, the option will only be available to individuals on Vueling’s website.

“Offering Spanish and international public cryptos as a form of payment is a must in the digital era of payments,” said Rachel Morowitz, of UATP who goes on to say “UATP and BitPay have partnered to bring this option to the airline industry and meet the growing demand from Vueling customers to pay with bitcoin.”

Ticket prices will still be displayed in euros and customers can pay using e-wallets compatible with the BitPay ecosystem.

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