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How to spend bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin is the most valuable and popular cryptocurrency in the world. Also known as the currency of the internet, you can spend it as a legitimate method of payment to purchase goods and services domestically and around the world.

Spend bitcoin

May 22 is Bitcoin Pizza Day, a historic day for the global crypto community. In fact, May 22, 2010, was the first time anyone used bitcoin to purchase tangible goods, and from the name of the commemoration, it is clear that we are talking about pizza.

Wherever you are, whether you are in a big or small town you can use your crypto as an alternative method of payment. In fact, more and more stores and professionals are adopting bitcoin to receive payments for goods and services. But how are they used, who accepts bitcoin in 2022, and what can you buy with it? Let’s find out together.

To make a payment with bitcoin, all it takes is a simple scan of a QR code by using your Wallet app and you’re done. Wallet apps can be downloaded to smartphones for free and safely allow any business or person to receive crypto payments. It is perhaps almost more complicated to explain than to do, you just have to have funds in your virtual wallet that you can buy, exchange or receive from other people to get paid for professional services or perhaps the sale of a product, even a second-hand one.

Finding offline businesses where to spend bitcoin has never been easier. The number of physical businesses that actually allow people to touch this new technology and bring it into the real economy is growing day by day. Chainside offers a mobile app that shows you on a map who is receiving bitcoin payments. On the same wavelength but via the web is Coinmap which shows you on a map who accepts cryptocurrency. Another service available for free is the official Bitcoin Maps site at map.bitcoin.com.

We have thousands of businesses that are already adopting crypto as a payment method. It is possible to find cab services, bars, pubs, stores, hotels, agritourism, and restaurants that accept bitcoin. So for example we can call eTaxi and pay for the ride in crypto, take a coffee break in Rome at Coinbar which also delivers to our homes and pay in bitcoin and maybe in the evening go to the Beertime pub also in Rome and pay with crypto, or go shopping in Milan at Lanieri or maybe attend a Yoga class at Yogarte always paying in bitcoin.

Buying online with bitcoins has never been easier. You can really find everything from travel to video games via furniture. Let’s see where you can safely spend bitcoin while also saving a little bit.

Spend bitcoin on Travala

Travala is the Booking.com of crypto. Its strengths include fast transactions and discounted rates up to 15% sometimes even 20%! Here you can buy airline tickets, book and pay for hotel rooms, and even book sightseeing trips with your bitcoins or other cryptos. Travala is also available for free in the app stores for iOS and Android devices.

Spend bitcoin on Purse

Purse offers a service that allows you to buy goods on Amazon by paying in bitcoin, with a couple of extra steps. Basically, the platform brings Earners and Shoppers together. Shoppers are those who manage to buy from Amazon at a discount and use bitcoin, while Earners instead turn their Amazon gift certificates into bitcoin or euros. You need to copy the Amazon link of the product you intend to buy and paste it into Purse to find the offer that suits you and then finalize the purchase in cryptocurrency. Those who have Amazon gift cards can turn them into bitcoins easily thanks to this site, obviously at a cheaper price and without any kind of bank tracking being applied.

Spend bitcoin on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers a service to protect one’s Internet connection by disguising the IP address and thus bypassing the regional blocks and restrictions of some websites. Offering applications for any type of product that connects to the internet ranging from desktop computers to smartphones via the Amazon Fire Stick, ExpressVPN is probably the best VPN service in the world and also allows payments in cryptocurrency.

Spend bitcoin on Rakuten

The Japanese company Rakuten, which has become popular in the West thanks to its multi-year sponsorship of Barça, allows customers to make purchases using crypto. To enable its users to use cryptocurrencies, the Japanese retailer has launched the Rakuten Wallet available for free in app stores including in English. To complete purchases using cryptocurrency, customers must can upload their account and use it at checkout.

Spend bitcoin on Overstock

Overstock is a large U.S. online retailer that deals primarily with indoor and outdoor furniture and home decor items. For those visiting the site for the first time, they may notice the similarity to Ikea. The affordability of the prices is remarkable and they also make deliveries worldwide. Thanks to a partnership with the Coinbase platform, Overstock makes it possible to purchase with bitcoin as a payment method.

Spend bitcoin on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where people can buy original, unique products. Here it is possible to find merchants who accept crypto. In fact, on Etsy, stores can customize payment settings to allow customers to pay through bitcoin as well. So by sending the customer their Wallet QR code, they give the option to pay for goods in crypto.

Spend bitcoin on Lieferando

Lieferando is definitely the most popular of the take-out food delivery services. It allows you to order meals online from the restaurant of your choice and get delivery where you want it. Paying via bitcoin on Lieferando is very simple, just select the order as you usually do and when you get to the Payment Method phase you simply need to select bitcoin. This option is enabled by Bitpay only using the website which can also be used from mobile device.

Spend bitcoin on BitPlaza

BitPlaza is an American company that makes shopping with bitcoins easy. The online shopping service is accessible through mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app is free and works worldwide and allows users to shop for anything with cryptocurrency. Categories include electronics, tools, toys, gadgets, sports equipment and much more.

Spend bitcoin on BitHome

Bithome is a Swiss-born advisory and brokerage service that aims to simplify the transactional and security components of using crypto to buy or sell real estate. A significant number of properties in Europe and around the world are listed on the site. Like other specialized real estate sites, it is possible to view photos and read descriptions of the apartments and villas, some beautiful, that are for sale on Bithome.ch.

Spend bitcoin on Aqru

Aqru is an innovative platform that allows you not only to buy crypto but even earn from the interest earned up to 12%! In a way, Aqru simplifies access to cryptocurrency yields. To get started you need to register, choose your currency, and the type of investment you want to make, and then you can start receiving earned interest on the platform that goes up to 12%. It is also possible to withdraw your funds after only 24 hours, there is no risk of getting locked in.

Spend bitcoin on Online gaming

Playing online casino games with bitcoins has enormous advantages for the players. The range of games offered by crypto casinos and the promotions are much more attractive. In addition, the other benefits that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies bring should be remembered and they are anonymity, limitless gaming, instant transactions, and security. At cryptocasinoguru.com you can find an updated list of the best bitcoin casinos with incredible welcome offers.

Spending your crypto to purchase products and services, both online and offline, is really easy. The choice of many professionals and merchants who decide to accept bitcoin as an alternative method of payment is vast and growing all the time. Interest in cryptos and their uses is on the launching pad.

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